Alitasa started as a problem solving. Simple idea of combining purest water for hydration with trace minerals for health benefits came to life in 2013. The pursuit for perfection hasn't stopped since. For us it's not just about the water, it's about life. We are extending our knowledge and creating products for specific purposes.

Preferred for its fresh taste, purity and richness in trace minerals, Alitasa set a distinctive standard for the bottled water market in Lithuania by creating an affordable premium product which is affordable to the masses.

Alitasa what makes us happy
Alitasa our story
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

The name Alitasa is derived from ancient Slavonic word Alytis - meaning water , inside of water.

They believed that water reflects the consciousness of mankind. When receiving beautiful, clear and clean thoughts, feelings, words, music from us, water changes instantly.

The name is not our only way of celebrating the power of water, but is also suggestive of our ethical business and a pioneering social enterprise. 

Alitasa was born out of Love and Gratitude. Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from us focusing on what excites us.